If you ride a motorcycle it will be no surprise that it can be tiring and pretty gruelling on the body, especially if you take part in sports like motocross, enduro and track racing. You need stamina, strength and a good amount of flexibility if you want to perform at your best. Even if you don’t particiapte in these sports you might be looking to increase your strength and stamina for long distance riding to eliminate the mid journey fatigue, or just simply get stronger to feel more confident on your bike.

I coach people who need the very basics right up to athlete level riders to increase perfomance on the road or in sport.

FMX is one of the hardest sports on the body. There’s a big risk of injury and it requires a lot of explosive power and strength to defy the laws of gravity when you’re in the air. FMX riders need a balance of muscular strength and flexibilty to be able to pull off their mid air performances.

ENDURO riding takes the stamina of 1000 men! That’s why it’s called enduro…so no surprise you will need to up not only your cardio endurance but also muscular endurance. This is hard on the body, unless you are working on all aspects of fitness levels required for this sport you will be feeling that fatigue kick in well before you want to finish.

TRACK RACING. Although you may not be racing in the MotoGP any time soon you’ll still be looking to increase your perfomrance on the track. That moment people start lapping you is the time that most riders muscular endurance let’s them down. A MotoGP race lasts around 45 minutes, you may have the cardio capacity for this but have you made sure your muscles are up to the race too?

MOTOCROSS riders really put their bodies through it. You need strong muscles around your joints to support ligaments. Your race may only be around 30 minutes but you’ll need the physical capacity to handle to the chaos. You’ll also be needing to improve your reaction times for those moments your life flashes before your eyes.

ROAD RIDING. Even if you don’t go all out hard enduro or take your life in the hands of gravity pulling a Rock Solid Flip on your SX-F… you will still benefit from building basic strength and fitness levels. I know a lot of people who have yearned for a particular bike and once they have the bike of their dreams the weight and power of it leaves them deflated becuase it’s slightly beyond they’re own handling capabilities, even for the most experienced riders, and more often than not this comes down to basic strength.